About Adyoulike DSP

ADYOULIKE DSP is a strategic buying platform built for the needs of today's advertisers looking to invest in upper-funnel buying and drive business results. Our DSP brings power, high performance, and an end-to-end approach to advertising technology, with a commitment to buyer success..


ADYOULIKE DSP allows you to set up managed media buys and auction-based buys using a unique interface where you can easily monitor your insertion order and line item delivery and performance. It is an end-to-end, integrated platform across the buy and sell side, which provides a number of benefits to users, including:

  • Seamless integration with major ad networks, exchanges, and aggregators.
  • Streamlined, direct access to premium, omnichannel supply.
  • Reduced discrepancies and optimal match rates on our platform supply.
  • Built-in fraud protections and inventory quality protections.

Technical Details

The ADYOULIKE platform operates as a dynamic real-time bidding system and ad server. At its core is the 'impression bus', a robust processing system responsible for handling ad requests, applying relevant data, receiving bids, decision-making, serving creatives, and logging auction dynamics.

Ad requests are routed to us through our network of inventory supply partners, including exchanges, SSPs, ad networks, and select premium publishers. These requests can be client-side, with an ADYOULIKE tag embedded directly on the page, or server-side, where our partners initiate the request and subsequently reach out for a bid.

Upon receiving an ad request, we enrich it with segment data from our server-side cookie store. This data originates either from ADYOULIKE segment pixels or direct client submissions. Additionally, we collaborate with third-party data providers to integrate any available supplementary data.

Our platform communicates with all bidders, presenting them with relevant user data and inventory specifics. Bidders are then given a fixed timeframe to respond with their bids and chosen creatives.

ADYOULIKE DSP, our proprietary bidding tool, features an array of capabilities including sophisticated targeting, advanced bidding algorithms, support for multiple currencies, and the comprehensive functionalities expected of a premium ad server.

The 'impression bus' plays a critical role in bid selection, factoring in both the bid amount and the publisher's preferences regarding ad content. For client-side requests, ADYOULIKE directly serves the ad, whereas for server-side requests, we transmit the winning bid and creative details to the responsible partner for final ad serving.

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