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Disruptive distribution technologies | Impactful content strategies | Creative ad formats.

We empower Native Advertising.


Adyoulike offers publishers an easy-to-use solution which enables premium inventory creation in the heart of their editorial content.


Adyoulike helps brands to tell their stories and engage with people in a non intrusive nor interruptive way.


Adyoulike is offering all its native inventory through its programmatic sell side platform.

AdServer | SSP | SaaS Platform.

Formed over 5 years ago, Adyoulike innovates in adtech and develops unique and disruptive technologies to manage supply and demand advertising. A pioneer of Native Advertising in Europe, Adyoulike relies on the skills of its "Native Lab", an experimental laboratory where 25 experts and engineers take advantage of their technical and algorithmic innovations in distribution, analysis and targeting.

Native Advertising follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed. It gives an interesting, non-intrusive and integrated ad experience.

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