Adyoulike's "Native Advertising ", what is it?

Adyoulike considers it a priority to respect your privacy.
By visiting this page you will be informed about how we manage your personal data, why we analyse it and the different ways we protect it.


Adyoulike specialises in in-feed native advertising which respects the user journey. The user reaches the content they are looking for before seeing the advert (a paid placements on a publisher site) which is integrated into the publisher site with the same look and feel as the rest of the page. Adyoulike's technology is constantly evolving and we always respect and protect the data that is collected.

  • Distribution Native Advertising

  • Quality content

  • Respect your privacy

  • Changing technology

  • Publisher sites compensation source

Why do we target you?


Our goal is to provide personalised advertising, contextualised and targeted ads based on the data collected. That way we build your user profile and your recent browsing behaviour while respecting your privacy. The user experiences native advertising as part of their usual online browsing while discovering advertising offers, products, videos, images and websites, as with any web content.


If you would like to opt out from Adyoulike tracking your user data you can disable here: "Opt-out ON OFF". This will stop us tracking anonymised data but will not stop the delivering of ads.


Adyoulike targeting services are enabled on your browser. The ads we display are customised according to your preferences. Adyoulike will not be able to improve the relevance of the ads we display on your browser by disabling cookies.

We respect your privacy

We collect information through cookies placed in your browser. Adyoulike “tags” visitors to sites containing advertising and its advertising partners´ websites with advertising cookies. A technical identifier is then assigned to the user. We do not collect any personal data and information (i.e.: address, date of birth...) that could allow us to identify you. We do not use or store your IP address for targeted advertising *.

We do not use or store your IP address for targeted advertising *.

* As per industry best practices, we use IP addresses only to detect fraud. The aim is to identify situations that may be related to robots which serve a high volume of clicks within a limited time; or to steal geographic information.

For what purpose?

Adyoulike uses cookies to prevent you from seeing the same ad repeatedly and to serve ads that are likely to be more relevant depending on your language or country for example. Cookies are mainly used to improve the relevance of the ads you see depending on where you are, the content you see, and your user profile. The cookies are used to improve the relevance of the ads served and allow the publisher sites to remain free.

Data protection

Adyoulike works towards the highest security standards to collect data from targeted audiences. We have implemented security measures within industry standards, such as encryption and firewalls. The data collected is kept for a maximum period of thirteen months (13 months) from the date of collection. Our cookies expire thirteen months after their last update.

Adyoulike´s third parties

Adyoulike may also use data for statistical purposes to be published without mentioning the client or the publisher site. Some of the cookies we issue are provided by third-party providers. Those are related to the campaign’s ‘diffusion by advertising partners or by audiences’ analysis services such as Google Analytics.

Adyoulike: member of IAB

Adyoulike is a member of the IAB France (www.iabfrance.com) and IAB UK (www.iabuk.net) and is committed to working towards a regulatory framework ensuring greater transparency and better monitoring practices related to targeted advertising distribution across the Internet.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file stored on a user´s device (computer, mobile or tablet) for registration purposes. When it is linked to the browser and disappears when it closes, it is called "cookie session or browser cookie". When it allows to record and identify the users´ interests and to enhance their advertising experience, then it is called "advertising cookie". Those last ones, are stored for a longer period of time. You can remove them using the "Help" section in your browser.

What is a pixel?

An Adyoulike pixel can be placed on a partner or publisher site and corresponds to an invisible graphic image no bigger than a 1x1 pixel. This pixel allows us to set a cookie on your device while browsing - if the configuration allows.

What is a publisher?

A publisher is a website with web content (html, text, image, video etc.) which offers services that can be accessed from hardware (computer, mobile or tablet) through a web browser and may content advertising.

* Updated: 4th February 2016
Please note that we may need to change this privacy policy. In case of an update, we will post those changes in this page and where necessary to inform you about our data collection, how we use it, under what circumstances, and -if so- how we share it.

"La technologie Adyoulike est en évolution constante, toujours dans le respect et la protection des données que nous collectons."





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